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Benefits cheat Michael Meade ordered to pay back £63k

By Gloucestershire Echo  |  Posted: November 06, 2012

Michael Meade

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BENEFITS cheat Michael Meade has been described by a judge as "one of the most dishonest men who has stood in the dock for a very long time."

At Gloucester Crown Court, Judge Jamie Tabor QC ruled that 58-year-old Meade benefited from his deception offences by £63,027 - and must pay it all back.

The judge gave Meade six months to hand over the money after hearing that most of it is now in investment bonds.

Two of the bonds mature in April and the money will then be released to be handed over by Meade under the Proceeds of Crime Act. But the third and largest bond matures later and it is hoped that Barclays Bank will agree to release it early when they are shown the court order and a letter from Meade's wife, who has it invested in her name, said prosecutor Simon Goodman. Meade, of Milton Road, Cheltenham, was jailed for nine months last November after he admitted obtaining £65,000 in housing and council tax and income support over eight years period by failing to disclose that his wife was working.

The jail sentence was passed after it emerged that at an earlier hearing Meade had lied to the court about an inheritance.

He had told the court at his sentencing hearing that he was due to receive a £50,000 inheritance, bit it transpired that the inheritance was in fact £105,000 - and that he had already received it at the time he was in court.

Judge Tabor asked what had become of the rest of the money Meade had swindled from the State and Mr Goodman said: "Those who instruct me do not believe the account he has given remotely accounts for the total amount of money which has disappeared."

Nick Cooper, defending, said "He has tried to co-operate as fully as he possibly can in terms of the realisation of the money."

Judge Tabor told Meade the full £63,000 must be paid within six months or he will be jailed for 21 months. But he said that if the reason it is not paid is not Meade's fault and is due to Barclays that penalty will not come into force.

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  • nickthompson  |  November 06 2012, 9:30PM

    I agree with ALL the comments below, but how come the MPs of all partys caught stealing from US were not told to pay us back,seems to me that something is very wrong here,as I see it this thief is no different to those at Westminster.

    |   6
  • Bellyflop  |  November 06 2012, 7:23PM

    Meade and his missus are NOTHING BUT THIEVES.

    |   6
  • Douglasknows  |  November 06 2012, 3:03PM

    Anyone with money should be made to pay for their meals when they are in prison.

    |   7
  • Hubert1841  |  November 06 2012, 2:44PM

    What the deuce, JimKerr? You mean we DON'T send our nefarious criminals Down Under anymore. Damnable. I blame it on the namby pamby Whigs. Oh well, send them to Scotland, then and force them to eat peat and listen to bland M.O.R. 80's rock music.

    |   1
  • IsitJimKerr  |  November 06 2012, 2:27PM

    Hubert1841......................why foist him on Australia's utopian lifestyle? If you're saying that as a fraudster he would languish in one of those detention centres on a remote island, then I would agree, but these days, you have to have a required profession to get in to Aus, and being a fat slug doesn't qualify.................'the computer says "nooo"....'

    |   4
  • Hubert1841  |  November 06 2012, 2:17PM

    He should have his arm ripped off by a pack of Daily Mail "readers", and be beaten to death with the wet end. Also, his family ought to be deported to Australia, in chains.

    |   1
  • MissyMadDog  |  November 06 2012, 1:41PM

    Seems to me most people who cheat the system either have another income and/or savings of some sort which they don't declare and keep hidden. It makes me sick, as most of those on out of work benefits are legitimate, are desperate to work and who struggle financially, yet are tarred with the same brush as thieving morons like Meade.

    |   6
  • theofficer  |  November 06 2012, 1:03PM

    This thief is evil, still claiming benefits, still driving a mobility car and his wife wife has just applied for one also, they are both tarred with the same brush. He should be asked what happened to the £11.000 he received recently from his father's estate. He puts all law abiding people and genuine claimants to shame.

    |   9
  • Lord_Gaga_  |  November 06 2012, 11:40AM

    with interest?

    |   7
  • IsitJimKerr  |  November 06 2012, 11:28AM

    What a fat revolting SLUG! Ugh! And what about Mrs Slug, surely she's complicit?

    |   11