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'Jack the lad' Alex Sheerin spends weekend crying in prison cell

By Gloucestershire Echo  |  Posted: October 31, 2012

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"JACK the lad" Alex Sheerin spent most of the weekend 'with his head in his hands crying' in a prison cell after flouting a court order.

The 22-year-old of Whaddon Road, Cheltenham, was placed on a supervision and unpaid work order after he admitted unlawfully wounding a woman in July.

But Sheerin displayed "a remarkably lackadaisical" attitude to the sentence and did not turn up for the unpaid work.

Then he failed to turn up at Gloucester Crown Court last week to face breach proceedings and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He gave himself up to police on Thursday and spent the next three nights in prison.

Sheerin's solicitor Dermot Clarke said: "He is normally an optimistic, outgoing and exuberant man in many ways. He is a Jack the Lad.

"But this morning he is no Jack and no lad. He has spent most of the weekend with his head in his hands crying and he tells me he would do anything not to go back to where he has just come from."

Mr Clarke said Sheerin had no real experience of courts but had now learnt his lesson.

The judge told Sheerin he would adjourn sentence for the breach until November 26 to see if he could obey the terms of his order.

The judge said: "If you don't comply between now and then bring a big bag and a handkerchief because you are going to be crying into it for a long time."

Sheerin was sentenced by Judge Jamie Tabor for breaking the cheekbone of Jesamine Taylor on July 31. During the hearing the judge had ticked Sheerin off for his 'attitude problem' in the dock – rolling his eyes and having his hands in his pockets.

He sentenced him to a supervision for 12 months, 100 hours of unpaid work and £500 compensation to Ms Taylor.

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  • Takeaway22  |  November 01 2012, 10:33PM

    Sooo, we have established that Alex Sheerin is illiterate, stupid, feels sorry for himself, cries alot, tells lies (usually the sign of a coward) and has admitted his guilt. He'll be a great catch for someone. The headline 'Jack the lad' Alex Sheerin spends weekend crying in prison cell', more like 'Jack the prat' Alex Sheerin spends weekend crying in prison cell'. In the words of Alex Sheerin....guttted.

    |   4
  • bonzaharris1  |  November 01 2012, 6:46PM

    Its a pity chipdiddychip/alex sheerin, that instead of "pretending" to cry for three days, you didn't spend the time more wisely. Like practising the three R's, that way you might not come across as such an uneducated muppet. But then I think you did cry for three days, because no one is that good an actor, just trying to save face were we !!

    |   2
  • Dr_Hfrrrrr  |  November 01 2012, 4:54PM

    Hahahaha! The moron has a cunning plan and uses a non de plume (someone will have to explain what that is to him) but then he uses his real name in his profile! Hardly a criminal mastermind is he?

    |   1
  • MistyBuff  |  November 01 2012, 4:49PM

    Well spotted Takeaway! Cringe inducing isn't it really?! Dim.

    |   1
  • Dr_Hfrrrrr  |  November 01 2012, 4:48PM

    If sitting in the cells all weekend makes him cry then imagine how much he'll be blubbing once he's made some new friends in the showers....squeal piggy!

    |   1
  • CTFCScout  |  November 01 2012, 4:48PM

    Next time you try it, you won't be so CHIPPER Chippypoos. Time that failed abortions like yourself were given a good slap. Just a shame you weren't swallowed at conception.

    |   1
  • LewBrush  |  November 01 2012, 4:12PM

    Rats! Chipdiddychip uses the same profile picture as me, I will have to change it...dont want to confuse the good people at TiG!

  • Zindafud  |  November 01 2012, 2:59PM

    Quote - Look at the profile of by chipdiddychip. He (it) is actually Alex Sheerin - unquote Oh my Lord - he really is thicker than a thick thing!!! Seen more sense in a doorstop! Was this chap actually born, or was he spat on the wall of a urinal and hatched by sunlight?

    |   2
  • Takeaway22  |  November 01 2012, 1:49PM

    by Don-Trigger - I hate admit it, I can just about make out some of his comments (I didn't realise I was as badly educated as that!) This person has actually put it in writing, on a public forum that he is guilty. Revisit to the courts maybe? When you think you know how dumb a Sheerin can be, they surprise you with going to a new low! Mummy must be proud.

    |   5
  • geraint2010  |  November 01 2012, 1:20PM

    Ah bechod!