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Leckhampton teen followed home before burglars struck

By Gloucestershire Echo  |  Posted: January 24, 2013

devastated: Jacob Boylan, 15, outside the shed where his £1,000 bike was stolen. Inset, the stolen bike

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A TEENAGER from Cheltenham claims he was followed home by a burglar before they stole a £1,000 mountain bike.

Jacob Boylan, 15, from Fairfield Walk in Leckhampton, was devastated when the custom-made bright orange 222 bike was taken from inside the garage adjoining his home.

The Bournside School pupil then remembered he had been followed home by a shady figure two weeks earlier.

He had also spotted a man peering over his hedge. When he challenged the man, who had approached in a van, he claimed he was looking for a lost football.

Now, both Jacob and his parents suspect it was the burglar checking out the premises before carrying out the crime.

"I didn't think too much about it at the time, but when the bike was stolen I thought back and it was pretty suspicious," he said. "It's unlikely he was really looking for a football because he was in a van so wouldn't have been playing.

"He was probably looking to see where I kept my bike so he could come back and get it.

"It's not nice to think you're being watched."

The burglary took place between 11pm last Sunday and 8am on Monday.

Thieves broke into the locked garage and dismantled the filing cabinet the bike was chained to.

Jacob said he was upset to find the bike had been taken.

"I was gutted," he said. "It took me ages to save up for that bike and I used it all the time.

"I would love to get it back."

Police urged anyone with information about the burglary to come forward.

You can contact officers on 101 quoting incident number 48 of January 21.

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  • bonzaharris1  |  January 24 2013, 4:38PM

    I feel sorry for this poor lad, no doubt that bike was his most prized possession. Now some scumbag who thinks they have a right to take other peoples belongings has stolen it. Pity these waste of spaces don't what most of us do, and get a job and earn a living, now that would be novel. I do wonder though is it wise that a lad of 15 has a bike of such value, that to me seems a tad unneccessary. The thieves could have easily attacked him and taken the bike from him forcibily, a lad of fifteen isn't going to be able to put up much of a fight.

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  • CrowDog  |  January 24 2013, 1:11PM

    I myself feel for this lad, i also have a bike worth just short of 1k and i have been followed home several times especially from Leckampton hill.. Advise to anyone would be if you do feel you are being followed or you see dodgy characters and your by your house just ride round the block and try and loose them! Letting bike thieves see where you live is the worst as they will go through any strengths to get the bike if its good enough! Although the chances of getting an ORANGE 222 back is very unlikely as they sell easily hopefully this chap may one day be reunited with his push bike! BE AWARE OF WHO'S AROUND ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR BIKE IS WORTH AS MUCH OR MORE THAN JACOBS !!!! Thats all from me....

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  • Peter_cleeve  |  January 24 2013, 1:08PM

    Use this web site to track bikes on ebay and gumtree at the same time. Its how i found my bike. Just be on the look out for stock photos, slight variations of the bike because of this and poorly written descriptions. Lets face it, if you are selling a quality bike you will know it inside and out and you flaunt it. Thieves barely give more than a sentence Makes me feel ill the bike thefts in cheltenham. I barely want to go out anymore. Checking over my shoulder to see if i am followed all the time. Taking random different routes home etc. Good Luck! http://tinyurl.com/b9zoxmn

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