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Water way to expose kids to bad ingredients

By Gloucestershire Echo  |  Posted: November 14, 2012

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Mark Lawrence: Energy drinks have been the hot topic among some of my fellow coaches and the parents of my team Leckhampton Cheetahs recently.

I have to admit, until two weeks ago I hadn't taken any notice of what drinks the boys turn up for training and games with. There are a million and one things to organise anyway, so what liquid the boys were drinking didn't even register.

That was until I was forwarded an article by one of the coaches at Leckhampton Rovers. This article, see the link below, sets out in no uncertain terms the reasons why parents should think twice before letting their children regularly use them.

The drinks contain more caffeine than is recommended for youngsters, they have high levels of sugar and they can erode the enamel of your teeth claims the report.

I recommend that all parents investigate this subject before they allow their children to take sports drinks to their next football match.

When I was playing football water was the only drink anyone ever drank at a match, but now the youngsters see sports stars endorsing the drinks and think that they have to have them, in much the same way as they want to wear the same boots as their hero.

I would like to make Leckhampton Cheetahs an energy drink free team but, ultimately, it is up to the parents to decide and it's not my role to dictate.

All I will do is put the evidence in front of people and let them make their own mind up. After all, we already provide the boys with half-time oranges and Jaffa Cakes so they hardly need any more stimulation! The link is:

http://foodhospital.channel4.com/ The-Truth-About/in-the-news/ energy-drinks-and- children-2011-05-31/

Ben Lawrence: I don't agree – I think we should be able to take energy drinks to the football.

My mum and dad don't let me have them because "apparently" they have loads of sugar in them.

Okay, they might have, but all the professional sports stars use them so why can't we? We are doing the same amount of running around as them – in fact, we're playing on the same size pitch even though we're much smaller so we use more energy! Although I am not allowed to take them to football I do sometimes buy one when I am in town so I know I like the taste. Water is so boring.

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