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Werewolves, witchcraft and wizards reported to police in Gloucestershire

By Gloucestershire Echo  |  Posted: November 05, 2013

ON TRAIL OF THE SUPER- NATURAL: The Ghostbusters, from the 1984 film

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WEREWOLVES, witchcraft and wizards have all been reported to police in Gloucestershire in bizarre 999 calls.

Members of the public have called the county's force to report strange events and ghostly goings-on which beggar belief.

A Freedom of Information Act request by the Echo revealed sightings of "witchcraft items", evidence of a "coven of witches" and "wizard" in the county, among others in the last three years.

But ghost hunters and seekers of supernatural phenomena say it may be more of a case of the public responding to a greater amount of publicity about spooky sightings.

In Cheltenham, a caller contacted police to say a taxi driver who took his wife to a destination said he "changes into a werewolf."

He then touched the wife's knee.

Elsewhere in the county, a caller contacted the police, saying they had discovered possible witchcraft items in the Forest of Dean.

A "pile of stones in shapes of human shape", were what prompted the call to the force.

In Stroud, a man contacted police saying a satellite, which was above his house and controlled by a "coven of witches", was poisoning him.

Craig Jones, of Gloucestershire Supernatural Seekers, said it was difficult to prove supernatural occurrence without considerable research and experience.

He added: "There's a possibility that these sorts of things happen.

"But a lot of people can be encouraged by all the shows that are on TV.

"You will get people who are involved in it because of the media interest.

"There are oddities that I've seen and witnessed but because there's more media focus on it, people think more into things.

"We like to investigate fully before committing.

"We've got to look at all the possibilities first."

Elsewhere in the county, in Gloucester officers recorded a call from a woman whose ex partner was threatening to kill her and to cast a spell on her with witchcraft.

Also in the city, a young boy – perhaps who had watched too many Harry Potter movies – called in to tell officers he was a wizard.

And with a clear sign that people in Gloucester have a sense of humour, a man called the police saying he wanted the Ghostbusters, because there was "something strange in the neighbourhood", before hanging up.

Ghosthunter Bob Meredith is the author of The Haunted Cotswolds – Tales of the Supernatural in Gloucestershire.

He said: "I think there is a supernatural dimension around us, through us, in us, and I think some people do tune it to that."

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